I’m Alberto Gimeno, a Software Engineer.

I’m a Software Engineer with experience on backend, frontend, mobile platforms, many different database systems, cloud providers, languages, frameworks and technologies.

TypeScript, React, Go, Node.js, Ruby, React, Objective-C, Swift, Python,… I don’t identify myself with a specific technology or language. I use the one that fits best for the job to be done and the team in charge. If necessary I learn new languages quickly. For example I joined GitHub without previous Ruby experience and 3 months later it became my primary language.

I can query, transmit and render tens of thousands of data points in the browser coming from a PostGIS database. I can implement UI virtualization in vanilla JavaScript to render tens of thousands of lines of logs in the browser. I can implement a YAML parser, linter and autocompletion to provide IDE-like capabilities to a web text editor. I can migrate billions of records in a database to make data model changes to improve the experience of millions of users without disrupting the service. But more importantly I always do these things thinking on solving real problems, working with great people, and trying to give the best of myself.