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About me

Hard-working, creative, professional

I'm a maker. I love creating things, and software is the best thing we have to make impact in other people's lives. That's why I love technology and especifically software so much.


You need to be creative while designing and creating software. Otherwise software could be built by robots. An engineer must be creative because many times the best solutions are counter-intuitive. That's why earthquake resistant buildings are flexible.


My highest motivation is doing a good job, and how do you know if you are doing a good job? Easy: people are happy using your software. If they are happy it means the software not only works as expected, but more important, it solves their needs without frustrating them.


Communication, commitment, responsability, trust. That's what a good professional gives to you. Working is not everything in life, but it's a big part of it. So, make it worth it. Make it memorable.

Personal Info


Alberto Gimeno


Barcelona / Zaragoza, Spain


Favorite text editor:


Favorite version control system:

Git. What else?

Pro. Experience

My Professional skills


I mainly develop with Node.js. I love the language (especially the new ECMAScript 2015 features), the tooling and the ecosystem. But I had lots of experience with other languages such as Java or Python in the past.


I've done many iOS applications with Swift and Objective-C for iPhone and iPad devices, using simple to advanced technologies such as video chat, real time messaging, push notifications and many others.


I've done very advanced usage of jQuery a lot in the past and now my focus is on React and Vue.js. I've worked a lot with Angular as well.